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Our techniques offer tailored solutions for everyone's unique needs.

3D printing

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Icon 3D printing

Whether you need super-high resolution for your miniature, small-batch production, or an enormous model of a building or a fast prototype, 3D printing is likely the easiest option!

For 3D-printing we employ a variety of models and techniques. FDM (filament), SLA/DLP (resin) and SLS (powder) printing we can all accommodate. Not only that, but we use many different materials: From basic PLA and resin to nylon, ABS, carbon fibre, polypropylene, TPU, full-colour nylon polyamide and see-through materials. Depending on your project, we’ll happily help you choose the perfect material and technique for your idea.


Starting from 100 pieces

Icon Casting

If you’re looking for precise, zero-waste and low start-up cost casting, this is your way to go. Perfect for Kickstarter and batch production of parts!

Working with silicone moulds with low (<1000.-) start-up costs, we can do runs of up to 200,000 parts, with around 5,000 models/day if needed, depending on the model. Because of our super-high resolution masters and silicone moulds, we’ll get tremendous resolution in models for very little cost.

We also cast metals (tin/zamak/bismuth and others) in silicone moulds. This way we’ll be able to produce very high-quality, premium models: Perfect for business/trade gifts or as promotional gifts.

Lasercutting & engraving

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Icon lasercutting

When you need engravings in wood, leather, foam or plastics, or have your products cut to size, lasering might be the technique you’re looking for.

Working with acrylic, wood, (EVA) foam or other materials, lasercutting is the perfect option for beautiful yet fast, cheap and precise parts. We’ve made game boards, puzzles, full foam armours for cosplayers, player tokens out of both acrylic and wood, and engrave our own (fake) leather dicetrays using lasers. If you want something special for your business cards or signing for your company, engrave some products or metals we might be able to accommodate you.

All the woods we use for our lasers are local (“stadshout”) and are of the first quality. Of course we’re happy to work with your materials, too.

CNC milling

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Icon CNCing

Looking for something special? CNC-milling might be the best option around!

If you want to go all-out on your woodwork, incredible DM-screens or custom dice towers/trays, maybe 3D-engravings or inlays made, CNC is the perfect option. All our wood is handpicked and from the city of Utrecht or Rotterdam. Handpicking ensures first quality and the finest woods around. Furthermore, we only work with wood that’s cut because the tree had to go and is traceable.


Want to see a sample first? No problem!

We can test materials for you, and you can come by our workshop to see it for yourself!